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Choosing the right name for your kid is very essential and an important first step in parenthood. Sometimes, in India, even grandparents or elderly relatives name the children and this selection of a child is a very significant step in a person’s life as they live with the identity till the end of their lives. While naming a child, parents go for a particular letter. So are you looking for the perfect baby name that starts with S? Then you are at the right place! Check out some cool names below: 

Baby girls’ name with S and their meanings:

Saachi means “Truth”.

Saara is a popular name which means “Precious”.

Saesha means “with great desire and wish”.

Sanjana means “Gentle”.

Shayna means “Beautiful”

Smana is a divine soul

Sonam means “Beautiful”.

Srisha denotes “Flower”.

Sumaira means “Brownish”.

Sahiba indicates “The lady”.

Baby boys’ names with S and their meaning:

Saksham is a popular name which means “For whom anything is possible”.

Sashwin means “Creative”.

Samarth means “Powerful”.

Shalya is “an arrow”.

Shane is a “gift from god”.

Sharwin means “victory”, an appropriate name for your baby boy. 

Shasvat denotes being “constant”.

Shvant means “calm”.

Svang is a boy with “good looks”

Sriyansh denotes “wealth” for your baby boy.

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